What are the top 5 accessories for your car for winter?

Winter is not only hard on inhabitants of cold climes but on their cars. Winter car accessories can not only ease the experience for drivers but can help extend the life of the car.

To prevent costly accidents and increased insurance premiums, winter tires should always be used in areas with extremely high snowfalls. The cost can run between $200 and $1000 depending on the make and model. In fact, some governments offer financial incentives to drivers to purchase these winter essentials. In the case of low to medium snow conditions, all weather tires are a useful compromise.

Protecting the engine from the shock of a cold start is the block heater. It is a requirement in extremely cold climates but is also a sensible option wherever prolonged below-freezing temperatures occur. This heater costs only $30 to $60. It is plugged into the house or garage’s external outlet and should be run overnight to ensure maximum effect. A properly insulated extension cord is also essential.

Factors to consider for comfort and convenience include the remote starter. This item provides indoor access to the car’s ignition system, allowing drivers to remain inside while the car engine warms up to an optimal temperature before driving. A remote starter will cost between $80 and $500, plus the cost of installation.

classic_accessories_auto_windshield_cover1Visibility can be an especially severe hazard for winter driving. Even heavy duty wipers may need clearing and de-icing in extremely snowy conditions. The solution is heated wipers that prevent clogging from snow and ice, making the drive not only more efficient but safer. The cost can run from $120 to $200 per set and should be checked with the manufacturer to ensure the blades are compatible with the model of car.

Finally, a non-essential but luxurious warming option for the winter driver is the seat warmer. By heating the body’s core rather than the air, this option allows occupants to warm up quickly and comfortably in the worst of weather conditions. The cost is approximately $20 to $100 per seat. Most new models of car now come with these accessories built in, however car seat warmers can be purchased separately.

Winter driving can be safer and more comfortable with accessories like block heaters, winter tires, remote starters, heated windshield wipers and seats.

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