What are the Top 5 Coolest Truck Accessories on the Market today?

A truck is quite possibly the most versatile vehicle on the planet. Whether a person needs to tow a pair of motorcycles or churn through a muddy trail in the wilderness, a truck is designed to get the job done with ease. Like cars, trucks can also be customized to the max. Here are the top five coolest truck accessories on the market.

LED Lights
LED lights are definitely the wave of the future. Not only do LED lights provide the truck with a custom look, but they also improve the driver’s on-road safety. LED lights can be used to accentuate the headlights, grille, and tailgate. Unlike traditional halogen bulbs, LED bulbs are extremely efficient and long-lasting. .

Folding Tonneau Covers
Although a traditional tonneau cover is effective at protecting cargo, the process of removing it from a truck’s bed can be time-consuming. Luckily, multiple companies have developed folding tonneau covers. The foldable design allows pickup truck owners to easily remove and store their tonneau cover in a garage or storage room. These hard covers are also waterproof and very lightweight.

Grille Guard
The installation of a grille guard instantly enhances the ruggedness of a truck. Grille guards are especially useful for the truck owners who have intentions of traveling off-road. In the event that they smash into a small tree along the way, the grille guard will provide an additional layer of protection. Furthermore, a grille guard will give a truck a menacing appearance that no one can overlook.

Cold Air Intake
After installing a cold air intake system, most truck owners report a significant increase in performance. Although a cold air intake is typically louder than the stock unit, the majority of drivers love the more aggressive sound. A cold air intake system also looks 100 times cooler than the stock intake. Unlike some of the high-tech accessories on the market, a cold air intake can be installed with just a few hand tools.

Custom Grille
A custom grille will help any truck to stand out from the crowd. Whether the truck owner prefers a blacked-out grille or a chrome grille, there are several different designs to choose from. In most instances, the entire installation can be completed in less than an hour.