Why Should I Buy My Car or Truck Accessories From a Local Dealer Vs. Off the internet?


When it comes to purchasing any sort of products these days, the consumer has more options than ever to choose from, and this certainly holds true for the car and truck accessory market. Most localities offer brick and mortar stores, whether national chain outlets or locally owned stores, and anyone with internet access can run a search on the desired product and get any number of online sources to purchase from. While it often pays to shop around and compare pricing on a given article, cost alone doesn’t tell the entire story, and the smart shopper takes these other factors into mind as well.

Reliability- Simply sifting through search results for the lowest price on a given product can leave you in the position of not knowing who you are dealing with. While the majority of online retail sites are reliable, others may turn up with no way of knowing their background or reputation, and you may receive a product that is not as advertised, or in extreme cases, have your credit card charged and never receive your product. Also, return policies may vary widely, as opposed to a local store where if you have a problem you are dealing with the same person who sold the product to you.

Installation- If you are the sort who enjoys working on your own vehicle, and you have the skills to do so, this may not be an issue. But if this is not the case, there is something to be said for having the job done by someone who installs say, lift kits and roll bars on pickup trucks all day every day, and has the specialized tools and skills to do the job safely and properly.

Sales Tax- On higher priced items, buying locally may incur a substantial amount of state and local sales tax, which in many cases can be avoided by ordering the item online.

So, as you can see, there are a number of factors to take into consideration when making the decision to purchase car and truck accessories online or from a local dealer, and there is no one right answer that applies to any situation. The important thing is to do your research ahead of time, whether that means searching the internet or making the rounds of your local dealers to see what they have to offer.